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connect those who can with those who need

Saving lives in our communities

How it all started

When WE Connect started helping investigate possibilities for a young boy called Jake to get a bone marrow transplant, as his only hope for a long-term cure for Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia, we realised that his part Samoan heritage made his chances slimmer than others. As of July 2016, there are approximately 27 million bone marrow donors worldwide and of these, there are only 7,500 Maori donors, and only 2,000 donors who identify as being of a Pacific Island heritage. Of these 1,199 identify as being Samoan. WE realised we needed to help increase those numbers, not just for Jake, but for any Maori or Pacific Islander needing a transplant.
WE Connect has grown since then, connecting those who can, with those in need through a range of different community initiatives

do what we can, where we can

Where there's a need, WE Connect try to find a way. Here are some of the community initiatives we have started or support.

Auckland City Mission

Whether it’s a temporary set-back or a long-term issue that needs expert attention, the Auckland City Mission has been providing support to Aucklanders most in need since 1920. WE Connect are big supporters of the Auckland City Mission.

Winter Warmies

Keeping children Warm over Winter is something we are passionate about! Every winter there is a need for Raincoats and Jackets for our children in need in West Auckland, so that's why we set up our own drive for Winter Warmies for children.

Christmas Presents

Every year we help hundreds of children, who would not otherwise, wake up on Christmas morning to a Christmas present. We use our community connections to collect donations of gifts and distribute them to families and organisations in need.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club started in Randwick Park, Manurewa with the intention of feeding children to get them to reach their schooling potential. They have expanded into four Primary Schools in Glen Innes and attendances and school results have risen dramatically as a result.
This Year

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