24 - 25 May, Apia, Samoa


Ka pū te ruha, ka hao te rangatahi

(The old net is cast aside, while the new net goes fishing)
Creating your 'new normal'
While this years WE Business Summit whakataukī usually refers to the next generation of leaders, we will explore casting aside old ways of doing business to create your ‘new normal’ for your business and your leadership.
This is a chance to look at traditional indigenious practices, the use of technology, what your business stands for and how you can future proof your business. We’ll be exploring vast areas of business and leadership development, as well as opportunities in the Pacific, how you might expand and grow your team and move into new markets.

Be prepared to take a look at your net at this years WE Business Summit. Be prepared to adapt it, add to it and strengthen it.

This year’s WE Business Summit will help you cast the old net aside and uncover your ‘new normal’!
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Why you should attend the 
WE Business Summit
Whether you are a small business, entrepreneur, sole trader, contractor, franchise, or someone who has an epic business idea you'll gain value from attending the WE Business Summit .

International Participants

By attending the WE Business Summit in Samoa, you have the opportunity to network and connect with other business owners from other parts of the world. You can use this opportunity to gain new perspectives, share experiences, and expand your business network

Educational Opportunities

The WE Business Summit offers a range of educational opportunities, including workshops, panel discussions, and keynote speeches. These sessions provide valuable insight into a wide range of topics that cater to new, existing and expanding businesses.

Access to industry experts

WE offer a range of speakers who are experts in their respective fields. These experts will provide valuable insight and advice to our entrepreneurs, helping them to grow their businesses and overcome common challenges.

Building Connections

Attending the WE Business Summit can be an excellent way to build new connections and partnerships, especially if you are looking to expand into new markets. Whether it's with other entrepreneurs, potential customers, or industry experts, these connections can help you grow your businesses and take advantage of new opportunities.

New Business Opportunities

Use the WE Business Summit to learn about new business ideas and opportunities happening in the Pacific. This can include information on new markets, new products, services and new technologies that can help you stay ahead of the curve and find new ways to grow your businesses.

Give back to the Pacific Community

While you are there, why not extend your stay, take a holiday and enjoy all that Samoa has to offer! Use this time to enjoy the friendly culture, beautiful scereny and warm climate before heading back to implement all you've learned from the WE Summit and Trade Mission.
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I attended the WE Summit in 2021 and participated in various sessions, even some where I was unsure if it was right for us, however with the tools and information shared throughout the Summit not only did I gain better personal development but our team gained a greater understanding of business and we now have much healthier and stronger relationships within our networks which has then enabled us to strengthen and support our communities.

Keynote Speakers

Beulah Koale
Stacey Fluhler
NZ Black Fern
Sam Saili
Sky Eye
Zita Martel
Hon. Consulate for France in Samoa
David Dewar
Wyndi Tagi
WE Mana



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Connect In person and online across Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, American Samoa and the rest of the Pacific
Find out how to reach new audiences on Social Media
Learn how to utilise remote workers and hybrid models
Implement staff Wellbeing into your work culture
Learn how to better use Xero
Shift into a growth mindset
Be inspired by the stories of our keynotes
Pick up business tips and tricks
Better utilize technology
Share Indigenous perspectives and opportunities
Learn about the opportunities in the Pacific including CHOGM 2024 in Samoa
Meet with key dignitaries

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