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When we talk about business, we liken it to ancestral voyaging and wayfinding. It's important that you pull the waka out of the water, check for leaks and when it's back in the water ensure that it's heading in the right direction and that all crew are paddling in unison.
Since WE opened our doors in 2011, we have been learning and navigating our own waka as well as coaching and mentoring other business owners in theirs. We've navigated through many choppy waters, made wrong turns, had to stop and check our position and we've sailed on in search for paradise, or in business terms, to fulfill our companies vision and purpose. Along our journey we have uncovered some key factors that are the biggest contributors to business success. Our business development services target these key contributors and have aided in the growth and success of many businesses

We hear the statistics all of the time - most businesses fail within the first five years. WE’s goal is to change those dismal statistics by learning; what’s important to you, what condition your business is in and where you want to take it so we can help you navigate your business to the next level.
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Virtual CFO

Need the skills of a CFO but no budget for a full time position?

WE can bridge that gap with our Virtual CFO (VCFO) service.

Let us work alongside you to reduce your financial worries and provide you with accurate reporting and timely updates to keep your business on track. All at a fraction of the cost of an in-house advisor.

As your Virtual CFO we will rapidly unlock your growth potential and bring our team’s knowledge and expertise to you.
WE will
Be your financial and strategic partner for the Directors
Suggest measures to control expenditure
Take responsibility for executing and overseeing your reporting processes
Interpret the financial information from your accounting data to your stakeholders

ensure openness, simplicity and accuracy

On Site visits
Phone and email support
Management meeting
GST Returns
Budget Support
Payroll support
Provision of software
Xero reviews
Directors meeting attendance
Year end financial accounts
Audit support
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